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Tractor Implements

Tractor Implements


Mini Spring Loaded

Cultivators stir and separates the soil, either before planting (to aerate the soil and prepare a smooth, loose seedbed) or after the crop has begun growing (to kill weeds—controlled disturbance of the topsoil.)

Heavy duty spring for tough operations

Tynes design for tough operations made from boron steel

Technical Specification

 Model NameFrame(mm)Tynes(mm)Linkage 3 Points (mm)Shovel(mm)Length (mm)Width of cut(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)Weight(kg.approx)Tractor Power(HP)
Mini RigidSL-CL-M550X50X5 Sq2250×108( EN-45)11359657048456320-24
SL-CL-M750x50x5 Sq22159014456726-30
SL-CL-MS550X50 Tubular22×19 (for ged)113596514020-24
SL-CL-MS750X50 Tubular22×19(for ged)1640142583493017026-30

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