Product Highlights

  • > Minimum turning radius 3.1 m with brake
  • > 12 + 12 Synchro Gearbox
  • > Hydraylic lifting capacity 2500 kg
  • > New Bonnet with relief for front tyre

Solis 60N

A perfect addition to the Narrow tractor series of Solis tractor, is the new Solis 60N. The tractor is designed for wide range of applications in orchards, vineyards and nurseries to open fields.

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Technical Specification
Engine Type Solis Make 4100ELT
HP Category 60
No. of Cylinders 4
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Cubic Capacity (cc) 3707
Rated RPM (+/-25mm) 2000
Air cleaner Dry Air Cleaner
Cold Start Yes
Max Torque @ RPM(Nm) 289±5 % @ 1300
Exhaust Underhood Downdraft
Drive 4WD
Clutch Double Clutch
Gearbox 12F+12R
Front Axle Carraro
Transmission Synchronmesh with creeper
Speed (Forward)
Maximum (Speed Km/Hr) 31.1
Minimum (Speed Km/Hr) 0.51
Brakes OIB
Type of actuation Mechanical
Trailer Brake Yes
Hand brake Independent
Differential lock Yes
PTO (rpm) 540 / 540E
PTO (actuation) Mechanical,Hand operated
Steering Power Steering
Battery 12V,88 Ah CC-610Amh @20 hours discharge rate
Alternator 12V,90 Ah
Seven pin trailer socket Yes
3 point linkage CAT 2
Stay Bars NA
Hydraulic lifting capacity 2500 Kg
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit 2SA/2DA
Liftomatic No
Lift rods Yes
Safety Switch
Clutch Safety Switch Yes
PTO Safety Switch Yes
Neutral Safety Switch Yes
Capacity (ltrs)(+/-5%) approx
Fuel tank (Lit) 73
Engine Oil (Lit) 10.75
Turning Diameter
Turning diameter with Brakes (m)
Wit align=”center”h Brakes  (m)
Turning diamete Without Brakes  (m) 7.1
Front 8*18
Rear 14.9*24
Dimension & Weight(+/-5%)
Weight(kg) 2886 kg
Wheel Base (mm) 2216
Total Length (mm) 4150
Total Width (mm) 1475
Hieght (mm) 2700
Min Ground Clearance (mm) min 297 (front axle lower point)
265 (rear axle lower point)
Front Track (mm) 1150-1284
Rear Track (mm) 969-1082
Fuel Indicator gauge Yes
Front Toe Hook Yes, inbuilt in front weight
Front & rear weights Front- 31X6 & Rear 30X1 Each side
Trailer hitch Yes
ROPS Mid mounted foldable, Rear Rops
Drawbar Yes
Optional Features
Radial Tyres Front- 210/95/R18 108 A8/B BKT, Rear-360/70/R28 125 A8/B BKT
Front – 280/70R18 114 A8/B BKt, Rear- 360/70R28 125 A8/B BKT
Cabin HVAC/Heater (Optional)
Battery Cut off ignition switch Std.
Deatent Type DCV Value Optional
Front Mudgard Optional
Trailer Break HTB (Optional)


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  • - Susana Vieira

    "We are very pleased to work with Solis tractors because this brand is positioned with a good relationship value-benefit. It isn’t a luxury tractor but a tractor that offers the client solutions, gives them profits and makes them happy."

  • - Mr.Sanit Chaithaisong

    "Sonalika Tractor is very affordable . It is very robust and powerful tractor. It has got more pulling power and is best in ploughing. It is less fuel consuming as compared to other tractors.”"

  • - Mr.Afif Mohammad

    "I bought Sonalika 60 in 2004 and I am very pleased with the entire experience . I was the first farmer in Sidi Bel Abbes , Algeria to purchase Sonalika Tractor. The functioning of Sonalika Tractor like its pulling power and deep ploughing is very satisfactory. I still enjoy to ride my tractor even at the age of 98"


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