Frequently asked questions

Where does the manufacturing of Sonalika Tractors happen?

The brand has the world’s Largest Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Providing the best-in-class, customized solutions to farmers across India and 120+ other countries, the plant spans an area of 225,000 sq meters. And has a production capacity of producing 300,000 tractors per annum. The fully integrated assembly line has a roll-out time of 2 minutes per tractor.
The plant is designed in an environment-friendly manner and boasts natural light and ventilation, complying with the industrial safety standards. Sonalika employs the latest production technologies on this new production line.
With this plant and its sizable employee strength, Sonalika is growing faster and has registered significant growth in its sales in the last year. Moreover, their in-house engines and transmission hydraulics add to their competence and make the turn-around time much faster. The plant can roll out tractors ranging from 20 HP to 120 HP in a single assembly line. Fully equipped to manufacture components required in the making of a tractor, from sheet metal to the whole tractor, with this plant, Sonalika has conquered yet another milestone in the agri-tech industry.
What distinguishes the Sonalika tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur from facilities of competition companies is that the latter manufactures parts from outside. In contrast, the former manufactures 80% of its parts in-house. This feature of Sonalika tractors keeps the prices in control, making them more affordable than the other competitions in the market. Moreover, it enables the company to customize its parts per market offering and customer demands –adding to more flexibility and convenience for farmers worldwide.

Who do I contact for Product Information?

If you need any product information related to the engine and drivetrain, kindly fill the Contact Us form and revert on the same immediately. Also, you can call us at 7-000-4445- 2121 for any product information where our representatives will get in touch with you directly. For any further assistance, do contact your nearest Sonalika Dealer or Distributor.

How to get price-related information?

Get in touch with your nearest dealer or distributor to know about the latest offers and price details. To get you started, here is the link to the dealer locator.

Who can help me with technical issues?

If you require any help regarding technical questions about sales and installation of engines or drivetrain components, do get in touch with the nearest distributor. Your local dealer can also respond to your queries regarding service and repairs.

What does HP indicate in a tractor?

Generally, PTO strength is a fair measure of pull accessible for running actualizes with your tractor. Most tractors come with a Power Take Off Shaft, which is the thing to be associated with actualizes to control it. For example, a tractor with 90 HP might have 75 PTO to run the actualizes.

How to ensure proper maintenance of the tractor?

Although basic checks and timely servicing are a great way to ensure the health of a tractor, there are certain things one must keep in mind.  

  • Regular checkups of the Air Filter
  • While performing cleaning tasks and soil leveling, ensure the sand and dust does not stay stuck to the machine
  • Ensure the fluids are regularly topped
  • Proper Storage during extreme conditions
  • Regular check-ups of tires

What are the generic 'don'ts' associated with the tractor?

  1. Do not keep on continuously cranking the engine with the starter key. It will shorten the life of the battery & starter.
  2. Do not race the engine in neutral or at the time of cranking.

What are the general dos associated with the tractor?

  1. Do release the starter key once the engine has started.
  2. Check the proper functioning of the oil pressure gauge and battery charging indicator once the engine has started.
  3. Do get the tightness of the cylinder head and manifold nuts checked regularly.

Are Stage V Regulations Different in Europe?

Stage V Regulations as per European Union constrain the particulate number (PN) and particulate mass for all engines below 19-560+ kW power range. Sonalika Stage V Tractors are already equipped to curb the ultrafine particulate emissions with the help of DPF technologies.

Is Sonalika a global brand?

Sonalika has seen phenomenal growth, expanding globally to 130+ countries in eight years, with more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Sonalika is now one of the top-five tractor brands in Europe. With this launch in Europe, we target the sale of 50,000 Sonalika tractors within five years and 400 dealerships within two years. Sonalika tractors offer multiple technologically advanced features and superior comfort, revolutionary quality of ‘Made in India’ farm technologies.

As a global farming leader, Sonalika is always committed to create and deliver value to European farmers. And the brand also assures the prospects that the Stage 5 Range is a giant leap forward in innovation, which offers bigger greener results.