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Tractor Implements

Tractor Implements

Tractor Trailed Boom Sprayer

Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayer is most suitable for uniform and effective spray over crops. This boom sprayer comes with high quality nozzle and imported pump for long life of sprayer.

Best quality material for long lasting life
Heavy Duty Robust frame
High quality nozzle to handle almost all types of liquid used for agriculture spraying
Hydraulic agitation for enhanced spray quality
Best class pump for better spray

Technical Specification (Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer)

Model Name TankCapacity (Ltrs.) Boom Size (Coverage in ft.) No.of Boom Sections Boom Height Adjustment No.of Nozzels Nozzle Spacing (inch) Weight(Kg) Tractor(HP)
SLBS-200 200ltr. 20 2 Yes 12 20 110 20/26
SLBS-400 400ltr 20 3 Manually up to 24″ inches 12 20 165 50
33 20 195 60
SLBS-600 600ltr. 20 3 Manually up to 24″ inches 12 20 205 50
  33 20 215 60-75
40 24 225 75

Technical Specification (Trailed Type Boom Sprayer)

Model Name TankCapacity (Ltrs.) Spray Discharge Adjustment (ltrs.) Anti Drip System Per Day Working Capacity Boom Size No. of Nozzles Nozzle Distance (mm) Height Adjustment Tractor(HP)
SL-TBS-2000 2000 73-115 Yes 35-50 hectares 18m, Manual folding 36 500 6-8 Feet 90

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