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Tractor Implements

Tractor Implements

Disc Harrow

Compact Disc Harrow

Disc harrow is used to till the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. The discs are also offset so that they are not parallel with the overall direction of the implement. This arrangement ensures that the discs will repeatedly slice any ground to which they are applied, in order to optimize the result. The concavity of the discs as well as their offset angle causes them to loosen and lift the soil that they cut.

Strong structure to use machine in tough condition without wear and tear
SG iron grade bearing hub with greasing arrangement to avoid dirt and mud enter
Better quality boron steel with 40-48 hrc toughness
Heavy duty gang axle for toughest operation

Technical Specification

Model No. of Disc Type of DIsc Disc Diameter
Disc Spacing
Working Width
Gang Road
Mounted Weight
(Kg Approx.)
Tractor Power
Compact Disc
SL-CDH-16 16
Front Notched
& Rear Plain
610/660 Optional
// 24/26 Optional
1750-1800 6
700 50-60
SL-CDH-18 18 2000-2050 8 860 60-70
SL-CDH-20 20 2250-2300 8 980 70-80
SL-CDH-24 24 2500-2550 8 1100 75-90
SL-CDH-28 28 2750-2800 8
1250 90-100
SL-CDH-32 32 3000-3050 12 1500 100-120

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